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Meetings are held every week at 13:30 on Thursdays.

Concordia Bridge Competition - 03/04/2010

We are hoping for gold we our team comes back from Montreal, good luck Captain Dicker the civil department is anxious for a 1st place win.

Small Bridge Competition - 11/10/2009

This year the competition is building hosted by Carleton, they are going to try and take our trophy away from us. Well I say good luck. A team of 3 will get you into the competition. The date is Friday November 13th 11:30 - 4:30 in the Galleria 4th floor University Building. If you have any question for the event organizers email them at carleton.bridge@gmail.com. For a complete set of rules Click Here

Concrete Design - 11/10/2009

A heads up for all those people out there who love this classic comp for years gone by. We are going to be hosting the next version of this soon. More details will be release, for now get your brain juices flowing.

Dinner With Professors - 11/10/2009

This event is geared towards all you guys out there that want to continue on with grad school. It will be a classy evening, but casual at the same time. And hopefully if we do our jobs right nobody will be going home on empty either food or knowledge wise. Also more details are coming around on this event. It is going to happen time around the end of November, so watch out for it.

AutoCAD Competition - 09/01/2009

Last years winners of the competition will be announced shortly and the prizes will be give out in CVG 2140 Civil Engineering Materials.

Frosh Week Events - 09/01/2009

Tuesday September 8th at 11:30am there will be a clubs fair in the Site building that we are invited to go. We will have a booth will all the information you need to know about the society.
Thursday September 10th at 12:00pm which will happen around CBY Hall; there will be the sub association day in which we will be hostings some competition, it's going to be a rock'en time.

Elections - 05/05/2009

Your CSCE Executive have been chosen for next year, as of right now when have Joel Hernberger President, Jordan Miller Finance, and Andrew Mcclellan as a Member. Remember any civil can join up still just come to the office.

Surveying BBQ - 05/05/2009

The BBQ was a big success today just enough of everything.

2nd Annual Concrete Design Competition - 03/25/2009

The low down on the competition, Register your team of 2 - 4 before March 27th; Casting that means your mix design as to be ready for the following Tuesday March 31st.You have to design the cylinder for 20Mpa and be at a density of 1500kg/m3 along wit 8% air. You are judge on how close you are to the target strength and density, you are also judge on if you waste material. You need just enough to fill three standard size cylinders. The last catagory is strength efficiency, it's the mass of cemenitious material used over the max load your cylinder can take.
Alright here is the mix design table, everything is almost done for you guys. Your task now is to take change it a little to fit the parameters and cast your mix, and hopefully with a little luck everything will work out alright. Click Here to check out the mix design tables.

Prizes are the braging rights for the year and a sweet trophy.

Elections - 03/25/2009

The Date of the election is set to be on April 8th at 5:30 in the evening.

2nd Annual Concrete Design Competition - 03/23/2009

Back for another year, and this time more intense then ever. Don't let that do you in, it just mean that it's going to be that much more interseting, and who knows it might even come in handy when you are outin the field dreaming up your own concrete mixtures. There are more details if you check out the rules or if you check out the door of the CSCE room CBY A08.
To join just send us an e-mail with your members names including years, the team name, and your e-mail.
The check out the rules Click Here.

Elections - 03/23/2009

The elections that everyone has been waiting for is here. The CSCE is holding there election some time in early April in the CSCE office CBY A08. The only requirment for you to be in show up and be a civil engineering student. Every Civil is welcome to come a vote seeing as it's all for you guys. Usally everyone who shows up gets a position, it can be a good ride and it looks great on the resume. You get to talk to the prof's and lab techs outside of labs, you also get a chance to mingle with civils in other years with isn't bad for people looking for cheap books. Another add bonus department invite you to special events sometimes.
The positions are President, Finance, Memeber (there can be multiple members in the CSCE)

Concordia Troitsky Bridge Competition - 03/09/2009

The U of O team is back from the competition in Montreal with a 22nd place finish. The team already has improvments for nexts years bridge, and with the knowledge gained we are ready to take on the competition. Although the best parts of the competition where talking to other universities during the bridge building. If we did one thing right it was that our design allowed us to put together the bridge quiet quickly so we had time to meet other teams. The crushing was a pretty good time as well, hearing university chants. The meal was pretty good if I do say so myself, and it was at the Bell Center which was an add bonus. Then the pub crawl, booting around Montreal going from bar to bar, and getting your share of free beer, yes I would have to admit I would love to go back next year.

Concordia Bridge Competition - 02/24/2009

Ryan Dicker was award the 4th seat on the team. Next stop for the team is the designing board, and then on to Concordia

2nd Annual Concrete Design Competition - 02/08/2009

The next addition to the U of O invited concrete design competition is here. Just to get you guys stoked for the competition I'm announcing it now. This competition is where you get to test all those mad skills you learnt during your Civil Materials class, but of course with a bit of a twist. We are calling upon you guys to design a concrete mixture that does exactly what you design it to. Of course we come up with the rules. So check back in and join in on the fun.

Concordia Bridge Building Contest, The Fight for the Last Seat - 02/08/2009

The Concordia Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition is coming up fast, March 5th and 6th. You could come with the only U of O team to the competition, all you have to do is send in a draft drawing of the an idea for a popsicle stick bridge that we can use at the competition. The contest runs until February 13th when we judge all the drawings. If you are pick we you get to go on a trip to Montreal, couple of days, and atleast one night. Get a chance to tour Concordia University and check out the engineers while you are there. All this will be subsidized. To submit your drawing either mail it to us, e-mail it to us through uottawacsce@hotmail.com.

Click here for the complete set of rules.
Click here to check out the Concordia site and from more infromation on the competition itself.

Drafting Kits - CVG 1907 - 01/17/2009

The drafting kits are currently on sale at the CSCE office.The prices are as following:
Members: 25$
Non-Members: 30$
Although we are sold out of the kits at the moment, we will be getting more in this semester. The new shippment of kits will be posted on the CSCE office door and on this website as soon as they come in.

Carleton Vs Ottawa Small Bridge Competition Results - 11/28/2008

The Winniners are in for the Carleton VS Ottawa Show down. The University of Ottawa coming out on top with there somewhat like A frame design. The team that took top spot consisted of (Ian Reed, Andrew McClellan, Alex McClure, Ryan Dicker). An article in the Oral Otis will be published with the out come of the competition as well. Here are the results:

Drafting Kits - CVG 1907 - 11/12/2008

Civil engineering students will be able to purchase drating kits needed for CVG 1907 at the beginning of the winter semester more details about prices will be released as soon as prices are finalized. Drafting kits include: 2 pencils, eraser, sharpener, 30-60-90 triangle, 45-90 triangle, compass, and a metric scale.

Carleton Vs Ottawa Small Bridge Competition - 11/12/2008

We are having a popsicle stick competition with Carleton. The competiton is happening in Room D113, and the winning of the competition will have braging rights and a trophy displayed in there respective Universities office. The competition is happening on November 21 from 10am to 4pm. Teams can consist of an infinit number of members but there can only be 5 members present in the room at a time. Click here for the complete rules including diminsions and material list. We also have a a thesis on popsicle stick bridge building for more info on popsicle stick construction click here. The breaking of the bridges is happening on Friday November the 28th for 11am to 1pm in the Civil Engineering Structures Lab Room E04.

MESS Vs X - 11/12/2008

The mechanical engineers have lay down a challenge against the civils. It's up to us to meet that challenge. The competition is being held on Saturday November 15 at 10am, we are meeting up in site atrium. People can sign up for the civil team either by talking the Joel Hernberger the CSCE President or by signning up on the door of the MESS office A09. For the competition bring nothing but your guile and will to crush the mechanical engineers.

Winners of Concrete Design Competition - 06/12/2008

We would like to congratulate the Raging Hippos (Joel Weatherby, Geneviève Bélanger and Dave Hardy) on winning the first concrete design competition. We also thank the other teams for participating and helping to make this event a good time.

Change in Concrete Design rules (again) - 04/03/2008

Please note that changes regarding mix design format and admixtures have been made to the concrete competition rules. For an updated version please click here.
Please note that cylinders are approximately 10cm in diameter and 20cm in length.

1st Annual Concrete Design Competition - 27/02/2008

Come to our office to register your team for our first annual concrete design competition. The objective is to design concrete at a 21-day compressive strength of 20.0 MPa. You might have the chance to challenge teams of profs and grad students at their own game. Click here for a set of basic rules. Prizes include an electric salt & pepper mill ($50 value) and spring jackets ($40 values). Four admixtures will be made available: PS-1466, Everair Plus, Micro Air and Pozzutec 20+ . Click on an admixture for the respective specification sheet.
MCON and the Cement Association of Canada is the contest's sponsor.

Memberships - 10/10/2007

Civil eng. students can get a National CSCE membership for 10$ and free pizza and pop. You can also get a membership from any of our exec, at the office, CBY A08 or here.

Executive Elections - 19/09/2007

Elections were held Monday, September 24 and a 2007-2008 exec team is now in:
President: Justin Vienneau
VP Internal: Georges Bou-Botros
VP External: Francois Quirouette
VP Social: Joel Hernberger

There is a vacant position: VP Finance.

New Website Launched! - 03/09/2007

Just in time for the 2007-2008 academic year, the CSCE is proud to launch its new website. We would like to welcome all new students to the departement as well as returning students. Elections for the upcoming year's executive team will be held this month; more information will be posted shortly. If you would like to get implicated in the sub-association, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail, as we are open to ideas and hold open meetings.

CVG 1907 AutoCAD Winners Announced - 19/04/2007

Congratulations to our big winner, Lynne Bouchard, who will receive $100 for her hard work on the CVG 1907 AutoCAD project. To see a complete list of our winners and top ten, click here.