B.A.Sc.(Mech.Eng), Waterloo (1974)

M.A.Sc., Waterloo (1977)

Dr.-Ing. (Chem. Eng.), Karlsruhe (1981)

William L.H. Hallett, P. Eng.

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Hallett joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1981, and is active in teaching and research in combustion, thermodynamics and energy engineering. He has done collaborative or contract research work with CANMET, National Defence and NRC. He was department Chair from 1997 - 2009 and has also been active in co-op programmes, curriculum development, and in teaching support work with the Centre for University Teaching. Dr. Hallett is the recipient of an OCUFA Teaching Award (1989), the University of Ottawa Teaching Award (1991), a 3M Teaching Fellowship (1994), and a University of Ottawa Excellence in Education Award (2004).


Combustion and energy conversion, including: 
Solid Fuel Combustion and incineration in packed beds, particularly biomass combustion, including computer modelling and experiments.
Liquid Fuel Combustion, in particular modelling of mixture combustion using continuous thermodynamics, bio-fuels, ignition, high pressure effects.
Energy Conversion: reciprocating steam engines.
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Fourth year thesis topics


Fall semester 2010 - MCG2130 (Thermodynamics I), MCG4126 (Energy Conversion)
Winter semester 2011 - MCG1100 dissection labs, MCG2131 (Thermodynamics II)

E-mail: hallett@uOttawa.ca

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